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What are the types of brake systems for electric bicycles?

PLUS April 25,2021 

Do you know what types of brake systems for electric vehicles are divided into? At the same time, how safe is the braking system of electric bicycles? With this question, I learned a little bit about the electric bicycle market:

一. Five braking systems for electric bicycles

"Currently there are five major categories of brakes: holding brakes, drum brakes, rising brakes, disc brakes, and new iron brakes (also known as oil brakes)." A maintenance staff of a well-known brand electric vehicle said: "Disc brakes It can be divided into: hydraulic disc brakes and cable disc brakes. "Iron brakes can be further divided into: with heat sink and without heat sink."

1. Hold the brake

Holding brakes, there are still some low-end electric car markets using this kind of brakes, and the sound is very harsh~!

Appearance features: screws on the top and rear

Braking principle: "Hugging" the wheel hub from the outside to the inside

Braking effect: ★★

Note: If water or foreign matter enters, the brake sound will become very sharp and harsh

2. Rising brake

Appearance characteristics: similar to the holding brake, but without screws on the top and rear

Braking principle: Braking from the inside to the outside

Braking effect: ★★★

Note: If water or foreign matter enters, the brake will also become audible, which is basically tolerable.

3. Disc brakes:

Appearance features: mostly front brakes, with brake discs, calipers, no oil pump on the brake levers, and ordinary brake cables

Braking principle: The caliper fixed on the shock absorber is clamped by the brake disc to brake by pulling the wire

Braking effect: ★★★☆

Note: no sound

4. Iron brake

Appearance characteristics: wider than the expansion brake

Braking principle: braking from outside to inside

Braking effect: ★★☆ to ★★★☆

Note: There is no sound from the brakes. This brake determines the braking effect according to the added oil. If it is too slippery, the effect will not be good. If it is not added, the motor cover will slip. Generally, add engine oil and lubricating oil.

5. Drum brake

Among the five systems, the cost of drum brakes is relatively moderate, the debugging is relatively simple, and the safety performance is also between the others. At present, general electric vehicles use this kind of brake system. (Note: Rising brakes are also used more)

二. Everyone is careful to brake safely

For the safety of cyclists, the state stipulates the maximum speed of electric vehicles. The brake system designed by production technicians is determined according to this maximum speed. The safety of cyclists can be fully guaranteed, but if the speed is increased without authorization, the brakes will be applied. The system will have potential safety hazards, and it will also cause damage to the motors of electric vehicles.

Generally, large-scale electric vehicle sales malls have a dedicated after-sales maintenance department, and the maintenance practitioners among them have also been specially trained by the manufacturer and have relevant certificates of completion.

However, most of the maintenance personnel in individual shops have not received any training. They can disassemble and assemble electric vehicles with a few simple tools. Therefore, after installation and maintenance by such undocumented personnel, the brake system of electric bicycles will have many hidden dangers.

Therefore, the reporter reminds everyone: When riding an electric bicycle, you must be careful to brake safely!

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