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How do people in the industry buy electric bicycles?

PLUS April 25,2021 

Electric bicycles are now selling more and more prosperous, but how to choose a desirable electric bicycle? I have compiled some articles by myself, and you can also take a look at some suggestions from insiders on choosing electric vehicles.

This is an article reprinted by the editor from the Fuzhou Evening News. Although it may not be exactly the same as everyone's city, it is also good to use as a reference.

The first step is to look at the demand

There are many types of electric bicycles currently on the market, and consumers should choose according to actual conditions. For example, for older people, it is recommended to choose an electric car with a larger tire size and a wider tire pitch, and an electric vehicle with a wide tire pitch has a more stable body.

For another example, the 36-volt battery is sufficient for consumers who only ride short and medium distances to and from get off work every day, but not suitable for consumers who need to go out frequently or ride long distances. Under normal circumstances, a 48-volt battery can satisfy most people's normal use.

The second step, look at performance

The electric vehicle market in Fuzhou is highly competitive. In addition to the price war, adding special features to electric vehicles has also become a method adopted by many businesses. For example, some electric car shops (Shunfeng Bird) have introduced anti-explosive electric bicycles, which can still ride even if the tires are punctured.

At the same time, many businesses have also made articles on anti-theft. For example, some manufacturers' electric vehicles (Xinyi) have also introduced a keyless start function, which greatly strengthens the anti-theft ability. Some businesses have launched electric bicycles that can travel over long distances, which can ride up to 70 or 80 kilometers on a single charge.

Before buying an electric car, consumers can learn more about buying an electric car with the best performance to meet their needs.

The third step, look at the service

Due to the high usage rate of electric bicycles, the probability of failure is relatively high. A good after-sales service is particularly important to the owner. Some businesses have launched a 24-hour service hotline, some businesses provide door-to-door services, and some businesses promise to provide free maintenance every three months.

When purchasing an electric car, consumers should implement the after-sales service content that the merchant can provide.

The fourth step, carefully inspect the car

First, check the appearance to see if the surface of the painted and electroplated parts is in good condition.

Secondly, perform the actual operation again according to the manual to check the working status of the whole vehicle. There is no shock at the start, the wheels rotate flexibly and there is no sense of heavy weight, the sound of the wheel hub is soft, no abnormal noise, the brake is moderately tight, and the brake is reliable. You can step on the vehicle in the absence of power. If you feel relaxed and the vehicle moves smoothly, it indicates that the vehicle has good driving performance.

Finally, check whether the supporting accessories, charger, certificate, manual and warranty card are complete. "

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